Powered by the Sun

solar_powerWe have installed a 7.8 KW solar system on the roof of The Grumpy Troll.

The way the system works in a nutshell –¬†Our solar panels produce electricity in DC form. The inverter changes it to AC power. The electricity passes through a separate meter and enters the electric grid. The utility company buys the electricity from us. The electricity we produce flows like water in that as soon as it passes through its own meter is will either turn directly back into the Grumpy Troll if we are demanding electricity (enter highest speed, lowest pressure flow) or it will go away from our building and flow into the main electric grid.

Our local utility limits what they buy to 6.0 KW at the higher rate. Most utilities buy up to 10 KW, so we hope that our local utility will look at increasing their buy back to stir more investment in solar power production. The system is a significant investment in money and a considerable investment in time, but we think it’s worth doing for the long term advantages.

We are excited about the system and our next goal will be to add a solar hot water system to our building and eventually a heat/energy recapture system. The reasons we are adding the system to our property:

  • Support of alternative energy systems to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.
  • Totally clean energy.
  • Overall support of clean, green energy for Wisconsin