Ales & Lagers

The bold and creative award-winning handcrafted ales and lagers brewed on site bring locals and travelers from all over. There are a dozen award-winning microbrews on tap, and we even brew our own root beer. Interested in trying them all? Order a sample tray for just $1.50 per 4 ounce sample. The world of craft beer is evolving and expanding. For this reason, we offer up about six year-round beers along with 6-7 rotating seasonals.

Just Added!

Erik the Red Grumpy Troll BrewErik the Red

A malty amber ale brew with a wide variety of barley malt and choice American & German hops. AbV 5.9% 30 IBUs

big hopperBig Hopper

Strong Pale ale  – unfiltered and full of Citra hop flavor, aroma and taste. AbV 5.7% 35 IBUs


Our Spring seasonal is a deep golden, slightly stronger lager brew. Perfect to enjoy as the days get longer and warmer. AbV 6.7% 50 IBUs

saidon-de-fritzSaison de Fitz

Farmhouse ale in the French/Belgian tradition. Barley, a bit of rye, hops and special strain of yeast shine through in this brew. AbV 6.7% 27 IBUs

Maggie Grumpy Troll BrewMaggie Imperial IPA

Our Imperial IPA uses all English malted barley, rigorously hopped with Stryian golding, Fuggles & East Kent Golding hops. 8.2%, 88 IBUs.


A Farmhouse Ale powered by the sun. Rich local honey from a local farm is added at the finish. AbV 5.4%, 14 IBUs

Trailside Wheat Grumpy Troll BrewTrailside Wheat

Our hefeweizen has a very appealing fruity flavor and aroma resembling banana, sweet apple, and pear. AbV. 5.2%, 12 IBUs

eagle_webOl’ Eagle Porter

Based on the famous London Brown Porters of yesteryear. This brew soars with flavor as it warms.  AbV 5.6%,  22 IBUs.

Hoppa Loppa Grumpy Troll BrewHoppa Loppa IPA

Special Centennial Edition IPA with Classic American west coast hops. AbV 6.7%, 50 IBUs

Spetsnaz Grumpy Troll BrewSpetsnaz Stout

Our special smooth stout has inviting flavors resembling coffee, chocolate, and the warm appeal of roasted malts. AbV 5.6% 50 IBUs

boreasBoreas Imperial Stout

We brew our Imperial Stout with 13 varieties of barley malt. This combination of malts creates a rich and flavorful dark brew. AbV. 8.4%, 60 IBUs.