Ales & Lagers

The bold and creative award-winning handcrafted ales and lagers brewed on site bring locals and travelers from all over. There are a dozen award-winning microbrews on tap, and we even brew our own root beer. Interested in trying them all? Order a sample tray for just $1.50 per 4 ounce sample. The world of craft beer is evolving and expanding. For this reason, we offer up about six year-round beers along with 6-7 rotating seasonals.

Just Added!

maggieMaggie Imperial IPA

Our Imperial IPA uses all English malted barley, rigorously hopped with Stryian golding, Fuggles & East Kent Golding hops. 9.9%, 88 IBUs.

old-aleOld Ale

Our 2nd GT Challenge beer comes from Rob Sells. A classic English style winter warmer. 10.9%, 53 IBUs.


A Farmhouse Ale powered by the sun. Rich local honey from a local farm is added at the finish. AbV 4.8%, 14 IBUs

nut-brownNorski Nut Brown

Based on George Washington’s “Colonial Porter” recipe of blackstrap molasses, toasted oats, and over 9 different malts. AbV. 4.9%, 30 IBUs.

trollfest_lagerTrollfest Lager

Enjoy this deep golden amber lager brew that is made with the finest Bavarian Pils, and Munich and Vienna malts. We add just enough hops to balance out the malty flavors. AbV 5.4%

Spetsnaz Stoutspetsnaz

Our special smooth stout has inviting flavors resembling coffee, chocolate, and the warm appeal of roasted malts. AbV 5.6% 50 IBUs

Captain Fredcaptain_fred

A true American Lager. Well balanced, crisp, clean and very refreshing with a hint of hop flavor and aroma at the finish. AbV 5.0%, 18 IBUs

trailside_wheatTrailside Wheat

Our hefeweizen has a very appealing fruity flavor and aroma resembling banana, sweet apple, and pear. AbV. 5.2%, 12 IBUs

“kellhrbrau"Keller Brau

An unfiltered Bavarian “cellar” lager hopped with Spalt hops. AbV. 4.9%, 29 IBUs